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LinkedIn Optimization

Bridging The Gap In Your Career

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to help jobseekers get ahead in their career, and it all starts with a top-notch profile. Network with professionals within your industry, and at companies you want to work at.  Even if you're shy about networking, LinkedIn offers a variety of options to help jobseekers access new opportunities. A strong profile will not only strengthen your applications, but get you noticed by recruiters for roles you didn't apply to and expedite your search.

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LinkedIn Optimization Guide

The key to curating a stand-out LinkedIn profile is understanding how it works on the back-end. In this download, you'll access exclusive insight from a Talent Acquisition Leader on how recruiters use the tool, and what you need to focus on as you create or update your profile. Save when you buy our Hire Ready Bundle Deal.

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Feedback On LinkedIn Profile

Best used in conjunction with the LinkedIn Optimization Guide.

Once you're ready to redeem your service, you'll receive feedback on glows and opportunities for growth on your LinkedIn profile.

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