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To Help You Elevate Your Career

Tired of feeling unsuccessful in your job search? I've combined my most popular services to provide clarity and help you discover the next steps in your career. I'll share my expertise as a Recruitment Leader & Career Coach to help you gain traction and achieve the career you've been dreaming of.

Module 1: Adjust Your Mindset

Believe it or not, your mindset matters! This is not the "you-need-to-be-positive-and-believe-in-yourself" talk. This is the "you-will-miss-your-opportunity-if-you-don't-get-it-together" talk. 


In this brief module, we'll explore how your mindset dictates your success and influences how you show up in a space. Take a quick assessment to see where you fall on the spectrum.

Module 2: Career Mapping

It's hard to get ahead when you're not sure where you're going. In this module, we'll drive toward gaining clarity in your career so you aren't jumping from job to job or getting stuck in dead-end roles.


In this module, you'll access expert advice to help you identify a clear career trajectory, avoid dead-end roles, and prevent and combat ageism. You'll also access our Job Search Checklist, Career Clarity Roadmap, and more.

Module 3: Resumes Recruiters Remember

Tired of being overlooked for opportunities you know you'd excel at? Learn how to stand out to recruiters and increase your chances of your resume ending up in the "yes" pile.


In this robust module, you'll access a wealth of resources, including  our Verb List, Career Story Quicksheet, and Resume Cheat Sheet with starter sentences for your resume.


Watch as I share critical mistakes to avoid, and  demo editing a resume.

Module 4: Nailing The Interview

Getting your foot in the door is only half the battle. Your interview is truly your place to shine, but it could be quite nerve-wracking if you're not prepared!


In this module, learn how to structure stellar answers, and gain pointers as I demo a real interview coaching session.

Bonus Module: Maximize Your $$$$$

Now that you've landed the perfect role, get in control of your finances!


In this module, I'll share my personal tips for increasing my salary,

and managing my money!

"I've been very selective when interviewing. Karissa helped me understand that not all positions are good, and that it's okay to walk away if the terms don't work for me. I was so used to just looking for the next big thing, that I didn't factor in how the opportunity would affect me, my family, and anything else I had going on. Since working with Karissa, I have attracted great opportunities-- even ones that I haven't applied for or thought I would qualify for. I've become a recruiter magnet. 


Career Changer

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Gain access to the same great tools that helped our clients elevate their careers!



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Kendall L.

Karissa coached me to present my skills and experiences with more confidence, overriding my tendency to be humble and not want to highlight my accomplishments and skills. 


I made it to the final interview stage with these two companies, and received a job offer for one of the roles. This job has everything that I was looking for in my career transition, and I could not be more excited to start!


I definitely credit Karissa and Writer's Block for getting me these interviews as well as giving me the confidence as a job-seeker to nail my interviews.


Marcus R.


I was shocked— not only at how far off I was about the ideal resume for a recruiter, but also how many people I compared resumes with who thought the same.


After working with Writer's Block, my resume was well received by most recruiters. My response rate  increased & employers had a better sense of my ability & potential than before.


I’m proud to tell you that I've accepted a position at a company that’s a lot more transparent about growth and intention, that allows me to be myself without having to code switch upon entry.  Thank you again!


Amanda H.


My new and improved resume and cover letter gave me the confidence to apply to positions that I previously felt that I did not deserve or was not qualified for.


I received a lot more emails and phone calls after working with Writer's Block. This time around, I was picky about jobs. For the first time, I actually turned down jobs if I did not like what was said in the interview, or if they were not offering what I was seeking. 


Karissa really inspired me to be intentional with my job search and what I was looking for in an employer. I refused to settle and make a decision out of desperation.

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