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Writer's Block is a career development initiative that aims to help those who may not have the resources necessary to increase their strength as an applicant. Since 2017, we've been committed to helping candidates advance by offering affordable resumes, cover letters, and other professional development services.

Writer's Block was founded on the principles of community, access, and "lifting as we climb." We believe that everyone deserves access to opportunity, so we stagger costs by level of experience, to increase equity and ensure that more candidates have access to the help they deserve. We serve a diverse range of clients, no matter the age, background, industry, level of education, or experience. We are committed to helping you "level up."


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Professional Development Services

After graduating from Binghamton University in 2014 with a Bachelor's in English, Karissa began her career in Youth Development, where she directed enrichment programs in her hometown, Brooklyn, NY. During her time as Program Director, she noticed gaps in talent, which inspired her to obtain her Master's in Human Resource Management from Stony Brook University in 2017. In her full time role, Karissa serves as the Associate Director of Outreach on a recruitment team for a large school network. There, she is responsible for creating and overseeing strategies to source diverse candidates for thirty-seven schools across three states. In her spare time, Karissa is an avid traveler and self-proclaimed Self-Care Queen! 

Karissa Parris, Founder